Fickle and changeable

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy bookbench, Greenwich, London

Tearooms in Warwick, England



i hate richard armitage

pass it on



I’ve seen it. Just from the front row I saw Richard Armitage tearing himself to pieces in The Crucible. This is the most powerful, most emotionally difficult performance I have ever seen. His duet with Anna Madeley is increadible. I’m cynical and realistic, but I had to sit on my hands to prevent myself from rushing to centre of scene (which is actually isn’t) and taking John Proctor (there is no Richard Armitage but only Proctor) from all this madness and lie and cruelty. I have no words to describe what I feel now.

It’s kind of wrong when taxi driver getting the car fueled with passenger, right?

Luke Evans in Tamara Drewe.


Luke Evans & Gemma Arterton Photographed by Robert Erdmann, 2010


Luke Evans & Gemma Arterton Photographed by Robert Erdmann, 2010


So, the next episode of Doctor who is called “Robot of Sherwood”, it presumably features Robin Hood & all I can think of is : is there going to be a Guy of Gisborne too ?

But let’s be honest, they can never have a Gisborne as hot as ours…




I’m a baaaad Whovian, I need to be punished by the Master !


guys, it just occured to me that most of you have never seen Film Film FIlm, which is a super fun soviet animation about filmmaking process

It’s truly hilarious and joyful and mostly just consist of sketches about different aspects of creative process.

It almost doesn’t have any text, so you can just watch it as is (there are still subtitles for the few lines that are present, don’t worry)

just.. you know, click (and here’s part 2)