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Luke Evans @ Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards 2014 (10/20/2014)


Tom Hiddleston during the rehearsal of ‘Coriolanus’ by Richard Davenport (x)


‘Visible Light’ Photo Series Captures Sculpture-Like Portraits of Light Itself by Alexander Harding

Connecticut-based artist Alexander Harding went a little bit meta with his intriguing photo series Visible Light. All photographers capture light, but he used light as the subject, trying to bring the essence of light to life in an almost tangible form.

Harding started the series back in 2010, we first shared a few of his images in 2011, and since then he’s added many more images of light rays and cascades so obvious they serve as each photograph’s main subject. Some photos from the series are fairly simple in execution, capturing the thick light as it shines through doors and windows. Other images use materials such as aluminum foil to give light a physical existence.


that’s the whole movie

Greenwich park

Greenwich park


Original photos by Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine, 2011   (X)   (X)

Tall ships regatta London 2014: Dar Mlodziezy

Tall ships regatta London 2014: Dar Mlodziezy